Excerpt from Work in Progress: Shifting Moon

Victor wasn’t sure what to think when he opened his eyes and saw The Guardian staring back at him. For a second, he thought his brothers were playing some cruel joke. They loved to make him uncomfortable and being watched while he slept was a sure-fire way to do so. In fact, he was sure that they were playing a joke on him because no one was foolish enough to sneak up on a sleeping Alpha when his pack was nearby.

“Victornio Watts. Wake up right now. You’ve got to get going. They’ll be here soon.” Sage was whispering but the urgency in her voice was unsettling. He felt it in his stomach but could not shake off the sleep.

“Victornio. I saw it. You will die. You all will die. You must leave.” She yanked at his shoulders forcing him to sit upright and open his eyes. Confusion crept across his face and he grimaced as the brightness of the moon pierced his eyes.

“You saw it,” he stammered. “You saw what?” Continue reading “Excerpt from Work in Progress: Shifting Moon”