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cropped-IMG_1617.jpgKay Denise Brookes, a nome de plume created just because she thinks it sounds sexier, has dreamed of being a writer for most of her life. She has always been a storyteller and wrote as much as she could throughout most of of childhood. Her stories were not the typical pieces for a young teen and her mother probably thought that something was wrong with her. She was raised in a rather puritanical home with a mother who was prone to sadistic mood swings. Her stories reflected her home and were obviously an act of secret rebellion. There were no princesses, fairies, or fun adventures spent chasing butterflies. There were no depressing tales of teen angst or woe. The content was usually adult by theme and included vivid and explicit acts of sex despite her limited knowledge of them at the time. Truth be told, she has always been mentally promiscuous and eventually her behavior caught up with her imagination. Unlike many sexually adventurous women, she never took shame in her acts and rather than hiding them, she used them as fuel for her writing. Mixing real life experiences with fiction, she became engrossed in erotica.

Kay is shocked that most people don’t understand the difference between erotic literature and porn. And she is even more shocked when people are embarrassed to read or talk about sexual acts. So she spent years sharing my writing with a only select few. And then she stopped writing writing altogether. Her dreams of being a writer have always remained in the back of my mind.

But, writers write. Right? So what happens when a writer stops writing? Like any skill or gift, if one does not use it, it becomes stale and unpolished. This space is where Kay will relearn how to write. Her stories will be unpolished and always works in progress. She urges you to comment and share your thoughts so that she can hone her craft.

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