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I struggle with consistency in almost everything I do, but especially when it comes to writing. I fight myself even when I am close to exposing my authentic voice. When I feel like I am at the top of my game, I knock myself down again and again. It’s in part why I love being behind the scenes. And why I prefer to help other writers hone their craft.

The thing is, the behind the scenes work has left me feeling empty and longing for my literary caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly of wordsmithing. There was a time when I wrote like it was going to save the world. I still have my journals filled with the worst poetry to ever be inked. I would rush home from the hellish days of school to recant my days in cuss word laced prose. I remember feeling free after. Feeling as if I had immortalized my experiences for future use.

These days, writing is a struggle. Getting my thoughts to flow through me and land on paper or computer screen stifles and scares me. It’s almost like there is something that I don’t want to give, like a piece of me refuses to be freed…

I bought some spiral notebooks today at the $.99 store. Maybe forcing myself to write without rules or word goals will help. I don’t know. I just need to be free.

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Kay Denise

Kay is from The Bronx but is currently living her life's dream in Arizona. Writing is what breathes life into her world and when she does not do it, she feels off kilter. She is on a mission to finish and publish a compilation of short stories before the end of the year. She's well on her way, yet is often her own worse enemy.