Writing Log Schedule


I struggle with consistency in almost everything I do, but especially when it comes to writing. I fight myself even when I am close to exposing my authentic voice. When I feel like I am at the top of my game, I knock myself down again and again. It’s in part why I love being behind the scenes. And why I prefer to help other writers hone their craft.

The thing is, the behind the scenes work has left me feeling empty and longing for my literary caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly of wordsmithing. There was a time when I wrote like it was going to save the world. I still have my journals filled with the worst poetry to ever be inked. I would rush home from the hellish days of school to recant my days in cuss word laced prose. I remember feeling free after. Feeling as if I had immortalized my experiences for future use. Continue reading “Consistency”